[This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in October 2010]
Banksy's Flower Thrower

It’s not new but it’s suddenly gaining new ground (pun unintended!) in cities across the globe.

A number of eco-warriors are waging war against neglected lots in cities, and their choice of weapon is a little Seed Bomb – a little pod of packed soil containing live seeds of flowering or easy-growing plants that can literally be littered onto derelict un-concreted land in the hope that they will take root and create a Guerilla Garden where there was only dirt before.

And flower they have – there are now formal seed bombing groups in cities that teach you how to make your own seed bombs and go about greening your city.

Although it sounds like a fabulous idea – and for the most part it is – it does throw up the question of land rights. If an owner is neglecting their land, does it give you the right to seed bomb it? On one hand, you can argue about the benefits – to the environment, to the community, and to the general visual appeal; but on the other, it’s just another form of squatting – albeit a slightly friendlier one, if you will.

Whatever side you lean towards, it’s a trend that seems to be lingering on since the 1970′s and there’s a clear recent resurgence in Guerrilla Gardeners in our cities. And if you’re wondering how seed bombs are made, here’s a handy video for you.

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