I have written about Candy Chang’s thoughtful urban installations before, and therefore I am delighted to hear that she is bringing her work to London through the next few weeks as part of the Merge Festival at Bankside.

The festival is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the area, and it aims to encourage public engagement with the place through a series of installations and art projects and performances over the next few weeks.

Candy Chang brings her “Before I Die” installation to the festival – the installation has travelled to several cities around the world and has always brought out the most interesting and poignant em otionsfrom the people in these locations.

Also of note is artist Alex Chinneck’s upside-down facade installation at 20 Blackfriars Road. Chinneck’s works use sculpture and installation to “play” with the elements and emotions around post-industrial , pre-gentrification landscapes in London. Fascinating work.

Alex Chinneck's "Telling The Truth Through False Teeth"  Source: www.alexchinneck.com
Alex Chinneck’s “Telling The Truth Through False Teeth”
Source: www.alexchinneck.com

The installations are on until the 20th of October, and if I were you, I’d go and check them out. In fact, I will soon, given my ongoing work with Bankside’s neighbour London Bridge, and when I do, I’ll write to tell you all about it.


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