A new skyscraper design in Georgia manages to look slick, while paying homage to the vernacular.

In keeping with the tower craze that has hit the emerging economies of the world, Georgia has just unveiled its own. The ‘merely’ 250m tall Ad Astra may not compete in height with the Burj’s and Petronases of the world, but caught my attention for its seemingly vernacularly-sensitive design. Atkins, who designed the tower, say they were inspired by the quintessentially Georgian brick and stone watch towers that dot the north east of the country, and Ad Astra is a modern, sustainable reinterpretation of these.

The crowning glory of the tower (quite literally), is the covered heliport at the top, that can open to faciliatite landing and closes at other times.

All pretty remarkable, and well done to Atkins for a tower well-designed.

Whether it is deliverable in keeping with the concept design and whether it will actually be delivered unlike all the other towers around waiting to go beyond paper, could be another story – and that is another post altogether.


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