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    Urbanism | The Politics of Street Art

    [This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in April 2010] It’s often covert, seldom pretty and almost always controversial. Its perpetrators have been branded as criminals and stars alike. Like it or hate it, Street Art, or graffiti, as it is usually called by opponents, is an urban phenomenon you cannot ignore. From […]

  • Urbanism | Vertical Landscaping

    [This post was first published on Spotted By Locals in March 2010)] When I read the last post on urban farming, I immediately thought of the next big thing: vertical landscapes. I find the concept rather fascinating and have been following developments in the field. It isn’t news anymore that our cities lack adequate lung space. As […]

  • PhotoStories | Places Between Spaces – 1

    When you walk down a city street, do you peep in the cracks? Do you wonder what lies beyond the hubbub, behind the facades, in that space between places? I do. I poke my nose and camera into those crevices that hide in the mosaic of the city. And often, I stumble upon treasure. These […]

  • Art and Grime at Shoreditch High Street

    The East End of London lies just beyond ‘The City’ – the City of London of the banks and businesses and the investment bankers, the money and the riches, the swanky glass and steel monoliths and the Gherkin…the typical, the most famous imagery of London as the world knows it – just beyond it is […]