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  • La Pause

    Design | A Marrakesh Way to Pause

    La Pause I have a strong itch to wander and it usually shows up about once in six weeks. It also tends to be fairly specific – travel for me is not just a getaway, it’s the lure of a specific feeling, the call of a tangible mood, which seems unattainable unless I take myself […]

  • Bruges By Night (c) Shilpa Bhatnagar | All Rights Reserved

    PhotoStories | Bruges By Night

    Continued from here and here If you’ve ever visited Bruges by night, you know where the cliché ‘picture postcard perfect‘ comes from. In fact, I think the words ‘stunning‘, ‘picturesque‘, ‘breathtaking‘ and ‘ridiculously pretty‘ come from Bruges too. What do you think? ~  

  • (c) Shilpa Bhatnagar All Rights Reserved

    PhotoStories | Belgium Bits [2]

    Bruges was picture postcard perfect, a tourist magnet and a bit too perfect. Perhaps it was still my travelling-at-Christmas feelings talking. But it was pretty. And prettiness makes for nice pictures (even if I say so myself).

  • (c) Shilpa Bhatnagar 2012 All Rights Reserved

    PhotoStories | Belgian Bits [1]

    For those who used to follow this blog in its earlier avatar, I know it’s been ages since I posted some real meat (read photographs). But as you now know, it was because I was busy building this new web-home thing. Hopefully, you’ll still come around to have a look at the pictures and tell […]