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  • Photostories | Exploring Barnes – 1

    nce upon a time, I used to live in Chiswick. And if you know me in real life you would know just how deeply I was in love with the place. Turns out, that after vowing to never move out of Chiswick as long as I live in London, I did. I think that’s down […]

  • PhotoStories | Dusk at Twickenham Riverside

    On a freezing cold day in March, spent walking around in a relatively run-down area of London because work insisted I must; cursing the weather and my inappropriate sense of dressing-for-the-weather, I found redemption on the riverside. The Twickenham Riverside is not the most stunning of places next to the Thames in London, but it […]

  • PhotoStories | A secret way to pause

    I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be telling everyone about this pristine patch of verdant riverside, a protected piece of natural heritage that lies almost in the middle of London. Heck, it’s my very own private secret, shared with a bunch of other Chiswick residents and well, perhaps a bunch of Barnes-ers on the […]

  • PhotoStories | One Month

    I only just realised that this blog is one month old today. Wow. Seems more like three to me, somehow. That’s 30 days, 13 posts, 126 photos (yes, I counted), close to a 1,000visitors and a very valuable stash of feedback and discussion. I’ve been having a really good time doing this, even though when […]