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    PhotoStories | The Streets of Marrakesh

    Continued from here. The streets of Marrakesh are chaotic, sure, but they aren’t threatening. The men of Marrakesh do return your curiosity in healthy measure, especially if you are a woman with a camera. There are those who like to try and make an unfair profit on your foreign naiveté – as an Indian though, I […]

  • PhotoStories | Places Between Spaces – 1

    When you walk down a city street, do you peep in the cracks? Do you wonder what lies beyond the hubbub, behind the facades, in that space between places? I do. I poke my nose and camera into those crevices that hide in the mosaic of the city. And often, I stumble upon treasure. These […]

  • PhotoStories | The Mews of Kensington

    If you’re not British, chances are that the title of this post is making you think cats. As much as I would personally love to dwell upon all things feline, I’d like you to think of horses instead. Good. Let us proceed. As Wikipedia will tell you, and as I learnt as a student of […]

  • PhotoStories | Portobello Quirks – in pursuit of the unordinary

    How many eccentricities make up one street? How many quirks of colour and situation, proximity and juxtaposition, contrast and comparison can one find in a single afternoon? What does it take to define a street in only a handful of pictures? Sometimes the narrator needs to quieten down and let the imagery weave the spell, […]