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  • Urbanism | Place Engagement through Art at Bankside

    I have written about Candy Chang’s thoughtful urban installations before, and therefore I am delighted to hear that she is bringing her work to London through the next few weeks as part of the Merge Festival at Bankside. The festival is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of the area, and it aims to […]

  • Urbanism | The Art Of Urbanism

    With all due respect to my chosen profession,  I think that all too often, we urbanists and designers (and I include myself here!) can come across as stuffy, jargon-spouting bores. I think more often than not, we end up alienating the masses in our discourse rather than including them, which should be the central aim […]

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    Urbanism | The Politics of Street Art

    [This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in April 2010] It’s often covert, seldom pretty and almost always controversial. Its perpetrators have been branded as criminals and stars alike. Like it or hate it, Street Art, or graffiti, as it is usually called by opponents, is an urban phenomenon you cannot ignore. From […]

  • PhotoStories | Paris, Je T’Aime: The Street Artist of Marais

    Others from Paris, here When you look at this… A version of this famous painting – Rembrandt’s “Titus, le fils de l’artiste” …would you believe, it’s being drawn live by this guy? Yes, as I was as astonished and impressed.