Tag: Place Making

  • Urbanism*Design | Two fantastic LED interventions

    If you’ve been following this blog, you would know that in keeping with my interest in place making and destination branding,  I am a keen follower of art / design based interventions in public spaces that foster new interest in, and therefore engagement with the space – you’d remember I highlighted this in Candy Chang’s […]

  • Shared Space Exhibition Road (Source: www.dailymail.co.uk)

    Urbanism | Sharing Space In London

    A bold new initiative in London erases boundaries between pedestrian and vehicular traffic London just grew up a little. Or so one hopes. A radical new initiative has just been implemented at the busy museum-lined Exhibition Road in South Kensington, where all visual as well as physical barriers between pedestrian and vehicular traffic have been […]

  • PhotoStories | Places Between Spaces – 1

    When you walk down a city street, do you peep in the cracks? Do you wonder what lies beyond the hubbub, behind the facades, in that space between places? I do. I poke my nose and camera into those crevices that hide in the mosaic of the city. And often, I stumble upon treasure. These […]