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  • On Photography

    “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst” – Henri Cartier Bresson.

    True, very true.

    If you started with a digital camera, make that your first 30,000. Perhaps even 50,000.

  • Interiors by Mai Linh

    Design | A Warm Inviting Room

    This picture makes me want to be there  [ via ] [divider2] I first came across this picture on desiretoinspire and I’ve never forgotten it. Everything about this room (and the way it has been photographed) speaks to me – the furniture, the woven back chairs, the chandelier (ooh, the chandelier!), and the lighting, the […]

  • Flaneurbanite | Scenes from Regent Street in black and white – 1

    This post marks my foray into the world of black and white photography. I have done the odd B&W shot before, but this is my first attempt to capture a place/theme entirely in the medium.I present to you a series of scenes from Regent Street – posh shopping crescent in Central London, connecting Oxford Circus […]