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  • Urbanism | Of Loneliness in The City

    Last week, I listened to a talk by Leo Hollis, historian, urbanist and author, at a wonderful event by Salon London (I give away this last detail quite reluctantly, as I’m a big fan of the Salons, and extremely selfishly, would be loathe to see them become too popular!). Hollis spoke about Why Cities Are […]

  • Tom Greenall Architects' rendering of Alain de Botton's "Temple for Atheists"

    Urbanism | A Gimmick for Atheists

    I am usually with Alain de Botton on things. Not this time. Alain de Botton’s Temple for Atheists idea is laid out in his new book “Religion for Atheists“. His premise is that some of the world’s greatest buildings are devoted to religion, and even the most staunch atheists find these buildings attractive. Why shouldn’t […]