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  • PhotoStories | A little over four years’ worth

    If you are wondering why this blog has seen such little photography action over the last few months, please put down those protest banners and please don’t demand your money back*. The reason for this state of affairs is that back in December, The Flaneurbanite‘s knee threw a tantrum and has since been acting like a  total […]

  • Everything Else | Bombay Again

    This post was first written and published on an older blog in October 2005. Another trip to Bombay – three days of hectic work, traveling, missing meals and some socialising and serendipitous-bumping-into-friends. It was the first time that I didn’t so much as get to look at the beach or the sea, except a couple […]

  • PhotoStories | The India Chronicles: A Mumbai Monsoon Part 2

    A Mumbai Monsoon Part 1Sometimes clichés are beautiful, despite themselves.The choppy Arabian sea in the stiff Monsoon breeze, for instance. The pregnant clouds hang low over the horizon, threatening to burst any moment. The stiff cool wind, laden with salt and moisture excites the sea – it seems to want to reach out to the […]

  • PhotoStories | The India Chronicles: A Mumbai Monsoon

    The first sprinkle of rain on a parched city. After months of waiting, praying, watching the blazing skies for signs of the swollen black clouds that bring respite; bring life back into the trees, into the eyes and souls of the millions suffering the intense Indian summer.Mumbai, the busiest, most crowded city in India glimmers […]