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  • PhotoStories | The Moon And The Crane

    And a few minutes later… The first picture was clicked on my iPhone 4S and Instagrammed (“flaneurbanite”, if you’re on Instagram), the second was clicked with my DSLR and is entirely unedited. ~ All images in this post are the copyright of Shilpa Bhatnagar, all rights reserved. Please do not copy, download or use anywhere […]

  • PhotoStories | The Show Goes On

    I live in West London and have this amazing view from my living room towards East London. In 4 years of living in this place, I have seen those trees change colour, drop their leaves, and grow back again many times – alternately revealing and hiding bits of the city behind them.   I have […]

  • PhotoStories | Last Night’s Perigee Moon

    I was probably one of the only people on the Earth last night who were completely unaware of the fact that we were about to have this dazzling moon. I noticed it only as I returned home from a day out – and then raced upstairs with my camera for a few shots. The moon, […]