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  • PhotoStories | A Passage To The East End

    Behind the money making powers; behind the glass and concrete towers; behind The Suits and the expensive watches ticking to the work day; behind the booms and the busts and the redundancy pays; behind the lunch sandwiches and Friday pints…lies one of the many streets of the East End of London. I wandered into one […]

  • PhotoStories | Places Between Spaces – 1

    When you walk down a city street, do you peep in the cracks? Do you wonder what lies beyond the hubbub, behind the facades, in that space between places? I do. I poke my nose and camera into those crevices that hide in the mosaic of the city. And often, I stumble upon treasure. These […]

  • PhotoStories | The Mews of Kensington

    If you’re not British, chances are that the title of this post is making you think cats. As much as I would personally love to dwell upon all things feline, I’d like you to think of horses instead. Good. Let us proceed. As Wikipedia will tell you, and as I learnt as a student of […]

  • PhotoStories | Another London Series: The People Of Shepherd’s Bush Market

    continued from here I turn my attention to the people. If you take my skin colour and match it with the rest of the population milling about in Shepherd’s Bush Market, it’ll probably be close to the average. Brown.As a brown-skinned and clearly Indian-featured woman, I should blend in, but I stand out with my […]