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  • Everything Else | Bombay Again

    This post was first written and published on an older blog in October 2005. Another trip to Bombay – three days of hectic work, traveling, missing meals and some socialising and serendipitous-bumping-into-friends. It was the first time that I didn’t so much as get to look at the beach or the sea, except a couple […]

  • PhotoStories | The Business of Being Parisian…2

    continued from hereLike London or Delhi or Bombay or New York, Paris is more than one city. There’s the Paris of the garish tourists, for no outsider can match the finesse and grace of the true Parisian, and there’s the Paris of the classic and nonthreatening seediness, if there’s a such a thing, in Montmartre. […]

  • PhotoStories | Another London Series: The People Of Shepherd’s Bush Market

    continued from here I turn my attention to the people. If you take my skin colour and match it with the rest of the population milling about in Shepherd’s Bush Market, it’ll probably be close to the average. Brown.As a brown-skinned and clearly Indian-featured woman, I should blend in, but I stand out with my […]