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  • Urbanism | Exploring London’s layers through The Blitz

    I have a deep fascination with maps and mapping and am always on the lookout for interesting ones. So I was delighted, when thanks to The Monocle (one of my all time favourite magazines) I came across this interactive map at bombsight.org that shows every single bomb that was dropped on London by the Luftwaffe […]

  • PhotoStories | A Passage To The East End

    Behind the money making powers; behind the glass and concrete towers; behind The Suits and the expensive watches ticking to the work day; behind the booms and the busts and the redundancy pays; behind the lunch sandwiches and Friday pints…lies one of the many streets of the East End of London. I wandered into one […]

  • PhotoStories | The Mews of Kensington

    If you’re not British, chances are that the title of this post is making you think cats. As much as I would personally love to dwell upon all things feline, I’d like you to think of horses instead. Good. Let us proceed. As Wikipedia will tell you, and as I learnt as a student of […]

  • PhotoStories | The Old Lady of the City

    Apologies dear readers! I know I have been tardy in posting and responding to your comments and emails this month. The only excuse I have to offer is that my offline life has demanded a bit more of my attention lately – all for good stuff – and that kept me away, albeit unwillingly. This […]