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  • Urbanism | Would you exchange your car for a lifetime of tram journeys?

    In Murcia, Spain, the new tram service offers a lifetime pass to citizens, in return for their cars —- Last summer, the city of Murcia, Spain made big news because of their radical new initiative aimed at cutting down congestion and pollution in the city. The idea was simple, but pretty radical and as as […]

  • Urbanism | Who is weighing the Aerotropoli?

    The economic evidence is compelling, but is anyone measuring the carbon impact of Aerotropoli? I recently watched Christopher Choa’s talk on Airport Cities on the Intelligence Squared network, and it got me thinking. I have personally worked on three major airport city projects in my career so far, and researched several others in the process. […]

  • Design | Cities of Paper, Cities of Clay

    Two simple city-based toy / decorations that warmed the cockles of this urbanist heart Remember Lego City? Of course you do.  But if you’re anything like me, you’re eyeing the set of the nearest kid around you. (Oh come on, if they can have it, I can have it. Who’s the urban planner here?) But […]

  • Urbanism | Airport Cities

    [This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in August 2010] Airports in the 21st Century are no longer just transit points. With unprecedented levels of global connectedness and air travel, they’ve become the new places to live, work and play. They’re increasingly becoming places to conduct business, entertain and be entertained, to rest […]