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  • PhotoStories | Pancake Day at Saatchi – or not.

    It’s Pancake Day today. At first, I wanted to catch at least one of the several pancake races happening around town today, but even the prospect of pancakes did not motivate me enough to step out into the gray mistiness of today. So I had a pancake lunch indoors (once the thought of pancakes strikes, […]

  • PhotoStories | One Month

    I only just realised that this blog is one month old today. Wow. Seems more like three to me, somehow. That’s 30 days, 13 posts, 126 photos (yes, I counted), close to a 1,000visitors and a very valuable stash of feedback and discussion. I’ve been having a really good time doing this, even though when […]

  • PhotoStories*Urbanism | Art: the Formal versus the Informal at Rivington Street

    The last time I went to Shoreditch, I only peeped into Rivington Street. I caught sight of works by two of the greatest street artists Britain has produced, got excited, started clicking… and ran out of batteries. Plus, it was biting cold and it was a day when I’d been foolishly optimistic about the weather […]