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  • Design | City Illustrati

    I often trawl Etsy and other art sites for handmade illustrations, and it never ceases to surprise me just how many talented folks there are in this world! I love Etsy for how it has made this talent accessible to everyone, and for the artists, a brilliant platform to showcase their work. I will be […]

  • PhotoStories | Natural vs Man-made: A winter diversion

    Although, snow is pretty and lots of fun, the extreme cold that usually accompanies it can be a problem for wandering/clicking-machines like me. I mean, try clicking in -7 degrees without gloves on and it’s almost certain death (or at least, frostbite) for your fingers. So I set the camera aside and patiently started waiting […]

  • PhotoStories | The India Chronicles: The Hues of Dastkar

    It is no secret that India is a treasure trove of indigenous art and craft. Every state, region, sometimes even every second town or village has its own form of language, art, craft and resulting influences on design and living. Some of these art forms and practices date back decades, even centuries. One would assume […]