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  • PhotoStories | The Mews of Kensington

    If you’re not British, chances are that the title of this post is making you think cats. As much as I would personally love to dwell upon all things feline, I’d like you to think of horses instead. Good. Let us proceed. As Wikipedia will tell you, and as I learnt as a student of […]

  • PhotoStories | Natural vs Man-made: A winter diversion

    Although, snow is pretty and lots of fun, the extreme cold that usually accompanies it can be a problem for wandering/clicking-machines like me. I mean, try clicking in -7 degrees without gloves on and it’s almost certain death (or at least, frostbite) for your fingers. So I set the camera aside and patiently started waiting […]

  • PhotoStories | The Old Lady of the City

    Apologies dear readers! I know I have been tardy in posting and responding to your comments and emails this month. The only excuse I have to offer is that my offline life has demanded a bit more of my attention lately – all for good stuff – and that kept me away, albeit unwillingly. This […]

  • PhotoStories | Covent Garden Market: Of street performers, antiques and touristy hordes

    One wouldn’t normally associate Monday evenings with fun. But if you are in London and not inclined to giving into typical Monday blues (and are not too bothered by throngs of tourists), you could wander over to the Covent Garden Market, the colourful piazza where a market has existed since the 1600’s. click on pictures […]