I live in West London and have this amazing view from my living room towards East London. In 4 years of living in this place, I have seen those trees change colour, drop their leaves, and grow back again many times – alternately revealing and hiding bits of the city behind them.


I have seen The Shard coming up at alarming speed, almost like a rabid mushroom, on that horizon – or what passes off as the “skyline” of London. In fact the most alarming thing was suddenly spotting it one day, realising it’s there, after a few months of ignoring that view. I suppose that’s how people must feel when they unexpectedly spot a UFO.

I have seen 8 annual fireworks displays all along that horizon – Guy Fawkes, New Years, Guy Fawkes, New Years , and so on, and the occasional stray Diwali firework.

I have seen glorious sun, deep blue skies, watched clouds approach, merge, break, pour and float away. The hue of that sky changes everyday, sometimes every minute. I live so close to this sky, every change and every nuance of the weather feels magnified.

And I have seen rainbows. Sometimes, even double rainbows. But rainbows are notoriously difficult to click.

And then there are the planes that fly past to Heathrow from morning till late evening in a never ending assembly line of arrivals.

And sometimes, there are blimps.

There are sunrises and sunsets – golden, teal, maroon and all shades of electric. And full moons.

And the show goes on.


For those wondering, I don’t live in a skyscraper or a tower – just sufficiently high up (by London standards) in a wonderfully converted heritage building. I like talking about this building as much as I like documenting this view. I get different reactions to it. Someone once asked me if I lived in a council tower when I spoke of the view. This was the same person who asked me how it was to live in the southern hemisphere – referring to the time I lived in Delhi, India.


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