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    PhotoStories | Belgian Bits [1]

    For those who used to follow this blog in its earlier avatar, I know it’s been ages since I posted some real meat (read photographs). But as you now know, it was because I was busy building this new web-home thing. Hopefully, you’ll still come around to have a look at the pictures and tell […]

  • Design | There Is A Tree In Your Room

    Bringing nature in. Literally. You’ve heard of tree houses, of course, but how many times have you seen a house or a room built around a live tree? How wonderful must it feel, to be so palpitatingly close to nature in the comfort of your dwelling. How…magical. ~ *I am not the owner of any […]

  • Tom Greenall Architects' rendering of Alain de Botton's "Temple for Atheists"

    Urbanism | A Gimmick for Atheists

    I am usually with Alain de Botton on things. Not this time. Alain de Botton’s Temple for Atheists idea is laid out in his new book “Religion for Atheists“. His premise is that some of the world’s greatest buildings are devoted to religion, and even the most staunch atheists find these buildings attractive. Why shouldn’t […]