• Design | The Start Of Something Brilliant

    An Object Used To Create Art as an Object Of Art Itself Fumiaki Goto, a Japanese designer, has taken the simple, ubiquitous graphite pencil and turned it into a piece of art – no, strike that – a fully functional piece of art that can be used to produce art itself. Working as part of […]

  • Bruges By Night (c) Shilpa Bhatnagar | All Rights Reserved

    PhotoStories | Bruges By Night

    Continued from here and here If you’ve ever visited Bruges by night, you know where the cliché ‘picture postcard perfect‘ comes from. In fact, I think the words ‘stunning‘, ‘picturesque‘, ‘breathtaking‘ and ‘ridiculously pretty‘ come from Bruges too. What do you think? ~  

  • Shared Space Exhibition Road (Source:

    Urbanism | Sharing Space In London

    A bold new initiative in London erases boundaries between pedestrian and vehicular traffic London just grew up a little. Or so one hopes. A radical new initiative has just been implemented at the busy museum-lined Exhibition Road in South Kensington, where all visual as well as physical barriers between pedestrian and vehicular traffic have been […]

  • (c) Shilpa Bhatnagar All Rights Reserved

    PhotoStories | Belgium Bits [2]

    Bruges was picture postcard perfect, a tourist magnet and a bit too perfect. Perhaps it was still my travelling-at-Christmas feelings talking. But it was pretty. And prettiness makes for nice pictures (even if I say so myself).