• Urbanism | Would you exchange your car for a lifetime of tram journeys?

    In Murcia, Spain, the new tram service offers a lifetime pass to citizens, in return for their cars —- Last summer, the city of Murcia, Spain made big news because of their radical new initiative aimed at cutting down congestion and pollution in the city. The idea was simple, but pretty radical and as as […]

  • High Street, Ringwood, Hampshire, circa 1959 by alwyn_ladell on Flickr

    Urbanism | The Life and Death Of The Great British High Street

    It Might Be Time To Lay The Great British High Street Down  Once upon a time there was romantic notion. Although romantic, it had its roots in reality, the reality of the times it was conceived in. And so it went on to go beyond being just a notion. It thrived, and that was a […]

  • La Pause

    Design | A Marrakesh Way to Pause

    La Pause I have a strong itch to wander and it usually shows up about once in six weeks. It also tends to be fairly specific – travel for me is not just a getaway, it’s the lure of a specific feeling, the call of a tangible mood, which seems unattainable unless I take myself […]