• Art and Grime at Shoreditch High Street

    The East End of London lies just beyond ‘The City’ – the City of London of the banks and businesses and the investment bankers, the money and the riches, the swanky glass and steel monoliths and the Gherkin…the typical, the most famous imagery of London as the world knows it – just beyond it is […]

  • PhotoStories | Kingly Court On A Cold London Evening

    I have hundreds of old pictures that I could put up here, but the last few posts and the response to them had me craving to click more NOW. London is full of opportunities and stories, every street, every street corner is different from the next. I decided to visit Carnaby Street today. As I […]

  • PhotoStories | The Man Under The Bridge

    Speaking of the underside of bridges , here’s one of my favourite pictures of the same from Regents Canal in London. Clicked in November 2006.

  • PhotoStories | Around Turnham Green Bridge

    Bridges in London almost always contain a life and look of their own underneath, that may or may not be contiguous with the way life and surroundings look beyond them. The grungy, grimey underside of Turnham Green bridge that is located in what is otherwise a very posh (and therefore well-maintained) locality of Chiswick is […]