• PhotoStories | Photo of The Day / Caption Contest

    How funny does this look? The good folks over at Londonist have picked my photograph from my previous post as Photo Of The Day and are running a funny caption contest on it! I’m doubly pleased by this – one, of course, because they picked a picture by me; and two, because I’m quite a […]

  • PhotoStories | One Month

    I only just realised that this blog is one month old today. Wow. Seems more like three to me, somehow. That’s 30 days, 13 posts, 126 photos (yes, I counted), close to a 1,000visitors and a very valuable stash of feedback and discussion. I’ve been having a really good time doing this, even though when […]

  • PhotoStories | Covent Garden Market: Of street performers, antiques and touristy hordes

    One wouldn’t normally associate Monday evenings with fun. But if you are in London and not inclined to giving into typical Monday blues (and are not too bothered by throngs of tourists), you could wander over to the Covent Garden Market, the colourful piazza where a market has existed since the 1600’s. click on pictures […]

  • PhotoStories*Urbanism | Art: the Formal versus the Informal at Rivington Street

    The last time I went to Shoreditch, I only peeped into Rivington Street. I caught sight of works by two of the greatest street artists Britain has produced, got excited, started clicking… and ran out of batteries. Plus, it was biting cold and it was a day when I’d been foolishly optimistic about the weather […]