• PhotoStories | A brief walk down Hammersmith Bridge

    This post is for my father, who’s retiring this month, after spending nearly 45 years in a brilliant career as a civil and structural engineer – a career that took him all over the world and made him one of the best known and regarded names in his field in India and abroad. His MSc […]

  • PhotoStories | A secret way to pause

    I shouldn’t be doing this. I shouldn’t be telling everyone about this pristine patch of verdant riverside, a protected piece of natural heritage that lies almost in the middle of London. Heck, it’s my very own private secret, shared with a bunch of other Chiswick residents and well, perhaps a bunch of Barnes-ers on the […]

  • PhotoStories | Another on Londonist

    After this little surprise, there’s another. Kind Londonist have used another of my pictures (see below) to headline their post. I clicked this one at Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea on Tuesday, where they have an excellent new exhibition titled “Unveiled: New Art from The Middle East”. My post on it, with the picture in context […]

  • PhotoStories | Pancake Day at Saatchi – or not.

    It’s Pancake Day today. At first, I wanted to catch at least one of the several pancake races happening around town today, but even the prospect of pancakes did not motivate me enough to step out into the gray mistiness of today. So I had a pancake lunch indoors (once the thought of pancakes strikes, […]