I launched this blog on 19th January. Today, exactly two weeks later, my big blue hit counter down there tells me I’ve got 500 visitors! This does not include my own hits on this site, it does not include page views. These are 500 individual hits!

I’m thrilled and I’m humbled at the same time. I hope you continue to find the blog interesting, that you continue to like my photographs and most importantly, continue to give me feedback on and off-blog. I love feedback, I thrive on it and I’m truly grateful for all your suggestions and back-pats and constructive criticism so far.

Meanwhile, I have updated the other sections on the site, and they’re all live now. Your feedback has given me the courage to share a bit more of me with you in the About section; the Links section is populated with some really cool stuff (yay!); and the Notessection will have more activity in the coming days.

I’m now all the more inspired to go out and click more of my cities and share it with you. While I do that, do have a look around the rest of the site, leave me a comment, rate the blog or email me with anything at all that you’d like to say.

All that I have to say at the moment is, Thank You! :)

PS: The picture above obviously has nothing to do with this post. It’s just an unmistakable representation of London, the city I currently live in (and love). A new post with my regular flânerie will be up tomorrow.

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