A friend just tipped me off about this – Ikea has just launched an India-inspired limited collection! It’s a story of three firsts for Ikea – India, Pinterest and Facebook.

Called True Blue, the collection draws upon Indian design influences, all in the colour blue. And Ikea seems to be testing out Pinterest and Facebook as platforms for the collection, with a specially designed microsite that encourages participation through these platforms.

On one hand, I’m very pleased with the idea of Ikea expanding into Indian design, and I see marketing sense in limiting themselves to a “blue” theme, but on the other, I can’t help but wish there was more to the collection. And oh, that kitsch cushion is the runt of the litter – Indian ‘kitsch’ is so, so, SO overdone (I cannot emphasise this enough) that I wish it would just die an instant death. Now.

Some of my favourites from the collection:

All in all, a good start, and here’s hoping there’s more to come!

Hat tip: Anjali Ramachandran

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