I often trawl Etsy and other art sites for handmade illustrations, and it never ceases to surprise me just how many talented folks there are in this world! I love Etsy for how it has made this talent accessible to everyone, and for the artists, a brilliant platform to showcase their work.

I will be running a regular themed series here on my favourite illustrations from near and afar, called Illustrati. For me, this will serve as a visual scrapbook of the handmade art I love, and for you, it will hopefully serve as inspiration to make your own, or kick-start an urge to buy some of this fabulous work.

Today’s Illustrati is about Cities. (Oh what a surprise!). I introduce to you, five of my favourite illustrations based on cities, from Etsy:

1. Tubidu

2. Nate Duval

3. My New York City by Agnieszka Zabawa

4. Neely Illustration

5. City Rooftops by Danny Roberts

Five distinct styles, five immensely talented artists. I am just waiting to move into that sprawling house with endless wall space to make these art works my own… sigh.

I’m really hard-pressed to choose a favourite from these. What about you?


*All art works above are the copyright of the respective artists.

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