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  • March 29, 2012
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  • Author: Shilpa

La Pause

La Pause

I have a strong itch to wander and it usually shows up about once in six weeks. It also tends to be fairly specific – travel for me is not just a getaway, it’s the lure of a specific feeling, the call of a tangible mood, which seems unattainable unless I take myself to that one place that has caught my imagination.

Travel for me, is also often closely linked to the aesthetics of the place – a sensory, and sensual coming together of the natural and man-made.

I have been trying to plan a trip to Marrakesh for months now, and something or the other keeps preventing it from happening. That of course, does no good to the aforementioned itch, which keeps growing until it is scratched, as itches are wont to do.

I came across La Pause in one of those Marrakesh trip-planning phases and it blew me away in anticipation.

La Pause

La Pause

La Pause

La PausePerhaps posting these images here will temporarily soothe that itch; perhaps not.

Then again, maybe this will transfer the itch to you!

There’s no other way of finding out.


*All images from La Pause website
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