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  • PhotoStories | Another on Londonist

    After this little surprise, there’s another. Kind Londonist have used another of my pictures (see below) to headline their post. I clicked this one at Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea on Tuesday, where they have an excellent new exhibition titled “Unveiled: New Art from The Middle East”. My post on it, with the picture in context […]

  • PhotoStories*Urbanism | Art: the Formal versus the Informal at Rivington Street

    The last time I went to Shoreditch, I only peeped into Rivington Street. I caught sight of works by two of the greatest street artists Britain has produced, got excited, started clicking… and ran out of batteries. Plus, it was biting cold and it was a day when I’d been foolishly optimistic about the weather […]

  • Art and Grime at Shoreditch High Street

    The East End of London lies just beyond ‘The City’ – the City of London of the banks and businesses and the investment bankers, the money and the riches, the swanky glass and steel monoliths and the Gherkin…the typical, the most famous imagery of London as the world knows it – just beyond it is […]