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  • Urbanism | A Georgian skyscraper derives inspiration from the past

    A new skyscraper design in Georgia manages to look slick, while paying homage to the vernacular. In keeping with the tower craze that has hit the emerging economies of the world, Georgia has just unveiled its own. The ‘merely’ 250m tall Ad Astra may not compete in height with the Burj’s and Petronases of the […]

  • Urbanism | Seed Bombing: A New Form of Urban Warfare?

     [This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in October 2010] It’s not new but it’s suddenly gaining new ground (pun unintended!) in cities across the globe. A number of eco-warriors are waging war against neglected lots in cities, and their choice of weapon is a little Seed Bomb – a little pod of […]

  • Urbanism | Airport Cities

    [This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in August 2010] Airports in the 21st Century are no longer just transit points. With unprecedented levels of global connectedness and air travel, they’ve become the new places to live, work and play. They’re increasingly becoming places to conduct business, entertain and be entertained, to rest […]

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    Urbanism | The Politics of Street Art

    [This post was first published at Spotted By Locals in April 2010] It’s often covert, seldom pretty and almost always controversial. Its perpetrators have been branded as criminals and stars alike. Like it or hate it, Street Art, or graffiti, as it is usually called by opponents, is an urban phenomenon you cannot ignore. From […]