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  • Shared Space Exhibition Road (Source: www.dailymail.co.uk)

    Urbanism | Sharing Space In London

    A bold new initiative in London erases boundaries between pedestrian and vehicular traffic London just grew up a little. Or so one hopes. A radical new initiative has just been implemented at the busy museum-lined Exhibition Road in South Kensington, where all visual as well as physical barriers between pedestrian and vehicular traffic have been […]

  • Tom Greenall Architects' rendering of Alain de Botton's "Temple for Atheists"

    Urbanism | A Gimmick for Atheists

    I am usually with Alain de Botton on things. Not this time. Alain de Botton’s Temple for Atheists idea is laid out in his new book “Religion for Atheists“. His premise is that some of the world’s greatest buildings are devoted to religion, and even the most staunch atheists find these buildings attractive. Why shouldn’t […]

  • Urbanism | Who is weighing the Aerotropoli?

    The economic evidence is compelling, but is anyone measuring the carbon impact of Aerotropoli? I recently watched Christopher Choa’s talk on Airport Cities on the Intelligence Squared network, and it got me thinking. I have personally worked on three major airport city projects in my career so far, and researched several others in the process. […]