A scrapbook of Interiors, Decor, Products and Art that I love.

  • Interiors by Mai Linh

    Design | A Warm Inviting Room

    This picture makes me want to be there  [ via ] [divider2] I first came across this picture on desiretoinspire and I’ve never forgotten it. Everything about this room (and the way it has been photographed) speaks to me – the furniture, the woven back chairs, the chandelier (ooh, the chandelier!), and the lighting, the […]

  • Design | Cities of Paper, Cities of Clay

    Two simple city-based toy / decorations that warmed the cockles of this urbanist heart Remember Lego City? Of course you do.  But if you’re anything like me, you’re eyeing the set of the nearest kid around you. (Oh come on, if they can have it, I can have it. Who’s the urban planner here?) But […]