A scrapbook of Interiors, Decor, Products and Art that I love.

  • Design | City Illustrati

    I often trawl Etsy and other art sites for handmade illustrations, and it never ceases to surprise me just how many talented folks there are in this world! I love Etsy for how it has made this talent accessible to everyone, and for the artists, a brilliant platform to showcase their work. I will be […]

  • La Pause

    Design | A Marrakesh Way to Pause

    La Pause I have a strong itch to wander and it usually shows up about once in six weeks. It also tends to be fairly specific – travel for me is not just a getaway, it’s the lure of a specific feeling, the call of a tangible mood, which seems unattainable unless I take myself […]

  • Design | The Start Of Something Brilliant

    An Object Used To Create Art as an Object Of Art Itself Fumiaki Goto, a Japanese designer, has taken the simple, ubiquitous graphite pencil and turned it into a piece of art – no, strike that – a fully functional piece of art that can be used to produce art itself. Working as part of […]

  • Design | There Is A Tree In Your Room

    Bringing nature in. Literally. You’ve heard of tree houses, of course, but how many times have you seen a house or a room built around a live tree? How wonderful must it feel, to be so palpitatingly close to nature in the comfort of your dwelling. How…magical. ~ *I am not the owner of any […]