Yes, it’s been a long time away, and I’ve missed you, I’ve missed the blog, I’ve missed the pleasure and the hard work of clicking and posting, I’ve missed replying to comments and watching you come and go…but not for a moment did I give up or forget – I’ve been meaning to come back, and here I am again.

Kensington Mews - From stables to mansions
My personal all-time favourite picture on this blog, and certainly the one that attracted the maximum attention in 2010. Just because, I love this picture and I’m proud of it (and because no post on this blog can be sans a picture!)

In the last four months, I have clicked, but not as much as I’d have wanted to. I’ve travelled a whole lot, and some of that is going to find its way to this blog. I’ve also been busy writing for some publications and I’ll soon show you what. I’ve worked hard elsewhere because I needed to, and that goes on. But what changes is that I’ll be posting regularly again, and if all goes as per plan, I’ll have some new things going here not too far into the future.

But before I go on to all that, I need to thank you, dear readers – all those who stuck on to this blog, left comments and sent me emails despite my being A.W.O.L; and to all those new subscribers who’ve recently joined the little party we’ve going on here (it’s a bit dull at the moment, I know, but I promise to amp it up, and soon!). I know I can’t trust technology a hundred percent, but if my subscriber statistics are to be believed, this little blog has not  lost any subscribers in the last four months – instead, added a whole bunch! And do you know what a big boost of encouragement that is? A VERY big one!

So Thank You, and I hope you’ve all missed me just as much as I’ve missed you.

Here we go, again.


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