About Me…

Hello! I am Shilpa Bhatnagar, incurable storyteller, and I am the author of this blog.

Depending upon where and how we met, you might also know me as a professional urbanist, compulsive photographer, insatiable traveller, opinionated writer and inveterate aesthete.

I am deeply interested in far too many things, and Cities, Architecture, Design, Art, Placemaking, Photography, Writing, Books, History, Feminism and Travel are just some of the things this website brings together into one place.

All the views and opinions on this site were mine at the time of writing. They probably still are.

If you want to say hi, or are interested in working with me, please do not hesitate to contact me here.


About This Website…

Given my aforementioned propensity for storytelling, over the years I have found myself doing a lot of it online. Therefore, this website has had many avatars – from its birth as a humour/opinion-filled blog called My Anecdotal Archives, (back when I was young and sprightly and rather prone to brand of irreverent humour) that I hope not too many people remember, to a flanerie-led mildly popular photography blog called Urban Legends that I hope at least a few people remember. At some point, my entire online documentary life started to get a bit too chaotic even for me, and therefore I brought everything together tidily under one website in 2013, coinciding with the time I decided to go professionally independent – and promptly ran out of time and mind space in life to update it.

But as the glorious cliché goes – never say never – and therefore I am back again in 2015 – older, exactly one hair greyer, and none the wiser, to give you:

PhotoStories: This is the same old flaneurbanite*, which was the germ of this much larger blog. If you followed it in its earlier avatar, you know what I’m talking about; if not – this is my photoblog on cities and places that I encounter as I go about my life and travels – showcasing my love of flanerie and exploration and expressed through my camera.

Urbanism: A curation of interesting developments and news, and my opinion about the world of Urbanism that I inhabit in one of my professional avatars – urban planning, architecture, place-making, development, cities, and sustainability.

Design: An occasional scrapbook entry on anything that I think is functional eye-candy – handsome interiors, decor, products, shops etc.

Everything Else: Home to, quite literally, everything else that I have an opinion or an idea about (and I tend to have many). This is where that old irreverent humour still rears its head. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


The Obligatory Legalese…

Just a polite reminder that all content on this website, visual and text,  is my copyright (unless otherwise specified) and should not be used anywhere else, for any purpose whatsoever, without my explicit permission.  I am usually enthusiastic about contributing and collaborating, so please, just ask. I really am nice, promise.


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Any views, opinions or ideas expressed on this website are my own (unless otherwise specified), and have no relation to or bearing upon my clients, employers or collaborators in any field.