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An Object Used To Create Art as an Object Of Art Itself

Fumiaki Goto, a Japanese designer, has taken the simple, ubiquitous graphite pencil and turned it into a piece of art – no, strike that – a fully functional piece of art that can be used to produce art itself.

Working as part of the designers’ collective bril, Goto explains that the thought behind this was just to extend the process of making ceramics, which is what regular graphite pencils are, anyway – ceramics made of a mixture of clay and graphite. He modified the process to create an extended ceramic shape, part of which is the pencil “lead” and the other part is a simple ceramic that can be used to hold the pencil.


Not only does this little piece of brilliance do away with the wood component of the traditional pencil, it renders it as an attractive piece of art in itself.

Brilliant, indeed.


All pictures courtesy Fumiaki Goto; hat-tip MocoLoco
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  1. Jans

    What a cool idea!

    February 22nd, 2012 // Reply

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